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Jasny's DB layer for MySQL

A simple DB layer in PHP for using MySQL, featuring

  • Global connection (singleton)
  • Parameter binding
  • Quoting tables/fields and values
  • Fetch all rows, a column, key/value pairs or single value
  • Simple saving by passing associated arrays
  • Query exceptions (instead of returning false)


    new DB($host, $user, $pwd, $dbname);
    $result = DB::conn()->query("SELECT * FROM foo");
    $result = DB::conn()->query("SELECT * FROM foo WHERE type = ?", $type);
    $result = DB::conn()->query("SELECT * FROM foo WHERE type = ? AND cat IN ?", $type, array(1, 7));

    $items = DB::conn()->fetchAll("SELECT id, name, description FROM foo WHERE type = ?", MYSQLI_FETCH_ASSOC, $type);
    $item  = DB::conn()->fetchOne("SELECT * FROM foo WHERE id = ?", MYSQLI_FETCH_ASSOC, $id);
    $names = DB::conn()->fetchColumn("SELECT name FROM foo WHERE type = ?", $type);
    $list  = DB::conn()->fetchPairs("SELECT id, name FROM foo WHERE type = ?", $type);
    $name  = DB::conn()->fetchValue("SELECT name FROM foo WHERE id = ?", $id);

    DB::conn()->save('foo', $values);
    DB::conn()->save('foo', array($values1, $values2, $values3));

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Arnold Daniels

I've spend a big part of my life behind a computer, learning about databases (MySQL), programming (PHP) and system administration (Linux). Currently I playing with HTML5, jquery and node.js.